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Golf History 101

Within the pages, you'll find out how the PGA Tour evolved from 1929 to its' current status. You'll learn about the golfers and celebrities, their contribution to the evolution of the tour, and the great game we all love.  

* Walter Hagen - he was instrumental in making the game what it is today.
* Marion Hollins - she was responsible for hiring Alister MacKenzie to design Cypress Point and Pasatiempo Golf Club. Ms. Hollins was ultimately the reason Bobby Jones hired MacKenzie to design Augusta National Golf Club. She is one of the only known female golf course developers in golf history.
* Babe Ruth - The Big Fella was the first celebrity golfer.
* Joe Kirkwood, Sr. - a trick shot artist who, along with Walter Hagen & Gene Sarazen,  brought golf to the world.
* Babe Didrikson Zaharias - an American athlete who excelled in golf, basketball, baseball, and track. She is the only track and field athlete, male or female, to win individual Olympic medals in running, throwing, and jumping events. In 1932. She became the first woman to play against men in a PGA tournament.
* MacDonald Smith - the swing every great player in his era studied.
* Ernest Jones - he believed in swinging the clubhead with the hands and fingers and feeling the swing therein.
* Ben Hogan - “He had the intangible assets—the spiritual.”
* Althea Gibson - broke the color barrier in tennis as well as golf.
* Bing Crosby - one of only a few players to have made a hole-in-one on the 16th at Cypress Point. 
* Dinah Shore - she became the first woman to play in PGA TOUR pro-ams.
* Charles Schulz - creator of the comic strip Peanuts. Take his test and see how you do.
* George S. May - considered by many as the Branch Rickey/Bill Veeck of golf.

You'll learn about the golfers - both African Americans and Causacian - and celebrities who helped evolve the tour to what it is today.

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A Golf Historian

There's not a golf book in publication that has this type of information emanating from the best players and legendary instructors in the history of the game between its pages. This book is an invaluable compedium of useful information about the great game of golf. For those that learn visually, the pictures and diagrams alone will give you a greater understanding of the golf swing. If you're a fan of golf history you'll enjoy this book.

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