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Thoroughly well-researched, and entertaining in the way you presented so many fabulous quotes - many of which I've read through the years. Quotes that stick to you, and make you think.

I think of the great golfers I have met - luckily so, and have been so lucky to hear from them. You have done a great job combining their thoughts - through their unique personalities. It's a great game!

-   Ben Crenshaw

19-time PGA Tour winner including the 1984 & 1995 Masters

More About From the Inside Out

It is an instructional manual covering the fundamentals of the golf swing, the short game, putting, and routine development. The mental game - right brain vs. left brain thinking - concentration in its purest form and the temperament needed to be successful at golf. It is also a historical look at the greats and not-so-greats of the game - circa 1920 to the Tiger Woods era.


Included are notes taken from the best instructors in Northern California (circa 1975-2022) and formatted as a chapter  -  Lessons from the 6 Under Par Club  -  that influenced my development as a student of the game.  As a player? Flashes of brilliance, playing to a single-digit index from 1968 to now…hovering around or below scratch when playing four to five times per week. Highlights included qualifying for the 1971 US Public Links Championship, the 1975 US Amateur Championship, and advancing into the regional qualifying tournament for the 1976 US Open. Arnold Palmer would say I played in a major championship.  Most importantly, a caddy’s view from inside the ropes. . . and a look at the world of golf from the inside out.

Any player - no matter the skill level - hitting a golf ball does so in three steps: 
* Sets up to the ball
* Swings at the ball
* Creates an impact

This sets up this framework . . .
I. Setup
II. Swing
III. Impact

Within those Roman numerals are eight fundamentals, obtained from Ben Hogan’s book, Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf. Each of the aforementioned eight fundamentals is supported by quotes from the masters of the game:

Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones, Gene Sarazen, Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead,
Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and many, many other great players.

From the Inside Out also includes quotes from some of golf’s legendary instructors: 
Percy Boomer, Jack Burke, Sr., Alex Morrison, Bill Mehlhorn, Olin Dutra, Henry Picard,
Claude Harmon, Jackie Burke, Jr.,  Eddie Merrins, Lucious Bateman, John Geertsen, Sr.,
a U.S./British/Canadian Amateur Champion, a number of PGA Tour winners, and a multitude of other great instructors.

Golfer hand with glove holding golf tee and ball


Thank you s-o-o-o much for your Inside Out book. First, you appropriately

write about talented/gifted/historical golfers during your era, anecdotes,

detailed contributions regarding teaching/coaching knowledge

and skills sets professional golfers must possess to be a competitive

world class golfer. Thank you for preserving your personal timeless

contribution to the great game of golf - the greatest game in the world.

Well done! Congratulations!

Ken Morton Sr. - PGA of America Master Professional
PGA of America Northern California Chapter - Hall of Fame inductee 2005
National PGA Horton Smith Award for PGA Education
Golf Digest Magazine Top 72 Most Important People in the Golf Industry

What an interesting book! With a little bit of everything - teaching, history, anecdotes. Bravo!

Jim Nantz - CBS Sports

I love Nobody's book!! Great reminders of old lessons and abstracts
that I had forgotten. It's like a bible from the bygone prophets! That book
should help anyone trying to play better. . .it takes working on the right 
feelings. If you move properly the club will do the work. . .if you can just let it!

D. J. Pakkala, Medford, OR

The best golf book I've ever read.

Dick Lotz - 50-year PGA Professional -Played 14 years on the PGA Tour & 3 years on the Senior Tour. 3 time PGA Tour winner.

I found this book to be very well written and quite interesting.

Gary Plato - Half Century Member of the PGA of America 
Held multiple BOD positions PGA 1970 - 2010
1978 Horton Smith Award Winner
2010 Northern California PGA Super Senior Player of the Year
2019 Northern California PGA Hall of Fame Inductee

"Man, there's ton of work that was put into assembling this book. It's truly the best golf book I've ever read."

Jim McMurtrey -  Member of the Northern California Golf Association Hall of Fame - class of 2022. Low amateur in the 1989 U.S. Senior Open.

 As a golfer of 60 years and having read over a hundred different books regarding golf, I put Mr. I.B. Nobody in my top five.  He combines a blend of wonderful instructions and creative storytelling.

Jim Obermeyer - Kailua, HI

This book is a historical weave of golf lessons from the masters of days gone by. Very interesting reading. . . quotes about the fundamentals from Hagen, Jones, Sarazen, Snead, Hogan, Byron Nelson, Palmer, Nicklaus & over 40 World Golf Hall of Fame members. Good stuff.

Schylo Jones - Pacific Grove, CA

When you read it, have a club handy because it's the kind of book
you go through slowly, practicing a little as you read. He pulls from all the great players and teachers and his own insights. It's golf from the ground up and there is a lot of history, too.

Susan Churchill - Aptos, CA

Your book is great. You did a fantastic job both with the research and stating your comments. It's a genuine treasure, whether the reader is into golf or not. One can't put it down. So much good stuff. And that it's a non-profit somehow adds to its worth.

Robert Hansen - Denton, Texas

Old Timers


What can you learn from these old-timers? Learning from other player's behavior and their resulting mistakes and successes is more efficient than figuring things out on your own. This book contains quotes and information from these historical golfers.


Harry Vardon • Percy Boomer • Ernest Jones • Jack Burke, Sr
MacDonald Smith • Walter Hagen • Alex Morrison • Bill Mehlhorn

Henry Picard • Olin Dutra • Jimmy Demaret • Claude Harmon


Most you’ve never heard of but these gentlemen have a plethora of information contained within these pages that are relevant in today’s golfing world.

Giving Back
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The best part of purchasing this book? 88% of the proceeds will be evenly distributed to:
  * The First Tee
  * Ben Hogan Foundation
  * Jim Langley Scholarship Fund
  * Lucious Bateman Foundation

The other 12% will go to the lawyers, St. Jude's, and administrative costs.

A golfers hand hold a ball on a golf tee.

I believe in legacies. I believe in major championships. I believe in big events, and comparisons to historical figures of the past.

Tiger Woods - Juniper Island, FL



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