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Thoroughly well-researched, and entertaining in the way you presented so many fabulous quotes - many of which I've read through the years. Quotes that stick to you, and make you think.

I think of the great golfers I have met - luckily so, and have been so lucky to hear from them. You have done a great job combining their thoughts - through their unique personalities. It's a great game!

-   Ben Crenshaw

19-time PGA Tour winner including the 1984 & 1995 Masters


A Golf Historian

This book contains over 40+ quotes and 90 references from members of the World Golf Hall of Fame. Additionally, there are quotes from not-so-famous-players that provide some real clues to the secrets of the game. From Old Tom Morris you'll learn where to aim your chin. From Alistar MacKenzie his golf course design beliefs. From Greg Norman, you'll learn the true meaning of the game of golf. You'll have the opportunity to step back in time and learn what the masters of the game thought or more importantly. . .what they felt. Between the pages, you'll find the philosophies of legendary instructors. These nuggets of information are still applicable today. More than 50 years ago, this author began assembling notes and observations of this great game from the best instructors and players. Most evident observation? Walter Hagen made professional golf what it is today. Through caddy experiences - the Kaiser Invitational, The Bing Crosby Pro-AM, the AT&T Pro-AM, (at least two dozen times), numerous single-day qualifying events, and one/two-day Pro-AMs - the author has been behind the ropes watching and questioning the best players of my generation. From the Inside Out will inform you about golf’s illustrious past while at the same time making sense of our game using a historical perspective from the masters of the game who proffer their ideas through this 'interesting book'. How to pass the Playing Ability Test with the PGA of America This book will inform any wanna-be golf professional on the fundamentals of the golf swing, short game insights, putting, and the mental game needed to pass the Playing Ability Test (PAT). It will also inform you about the illustrious history of the game of golf. It's the best $20.00 you'll ever spend. Guaranteed. It's true - the more things change the more they remain the same.

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What an interesting book! With a little bit of everything - teaching, history, anecdotes. Bravo!

Jim Nantz - CBS Sports

The best golf book I've ever read.

Dick Lotz - 3 Time PGA Tour Winner

 As a golfer of 60 years and having read over a hundred different books regarding golf, I put Mr. I.B. Nobody in my top five.  He combines a blend of wonderful instructions and creative storytelling.

Jim Obermeyer - Kailua, HI

This book is a historical weave of golf lessons from the masters of days gone by. Very interesting reading. . . quotes about the fundamentals from Hagen, Jones, Sarazen, Snead, Hogan, Byron Nelson, Palmer, Nicklaus & over 40 World Golf Hall of Fame members. Good stuff.

Schylo Jones - Pacific Grove, CA

When you read it, have a club handy because it's the kind of book
you go through slowly, practicing a little as you read. He pulls from all the great players and teachers and his own insights. It's golf from the ground up and there is a lot of history, too.

Susan Churchill - Aptos, CA

Giving Back
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There's not a golf book in publication that has this type of information emanating from the best players and legendary instructors in the history of the game between its pages. It's a smorgasbord of quotes from the game's best. For those that learn visually, the pictures and diagrams alone will give you a greater understanding of the golf swing.

If you're a fan of golf history you'll enjoy this book. 
The best part of purchasing this book? 88% of the proceeds will be evenly distributed to:
  * The First Tee
  * Ben Hogan Foundation
  * Jim Langley Scholarship Fund
  * Lucious Bateman Foundation

The other 12% will go to the lawyers, St. Jude's, and administrative costs.

A golfers hand hold a ball on a golf tee.

I believe in legacies. I believe in major championships. I believe in big events, and comparisons to historical figures of the past.

Tiger Woods - Juniper Island, FL



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